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A key precedent ruled that a fish is not a tangible object.

The officer measured the fish and placed the 72 he deemed too small in a crate. He issued a citation and instructed Mr. Yates to take the crate to port for seizure. But Mr. Yates had the fish...

2024. 04. 16.

Sea Turtle Medical Exam

New England Aquarium staff and visitors looking at Myrtle as the massive sea turtle rests in a crate after being hoisted out of a giant ocean tank before a performed a medical examination in...

2024. 04. 09.


French President Emmanuel Macron visits Eurenco plant in Bergerac A photo shows a charges crate in the packaging area of a 155mm modular shell charges production line, during a visit of the...

2024. 04. 11.

완벽한 화이트 게이밍 PC를 위한 메인보드, ASUS TUF Gaming Z790-BTF WIFI

2 Q-Latch, PCIe 슬롯 Q-릴리스, Q-DIMM, Q-LED, Q-안테나, SafeSlot, ASUS AURA Sync, Armory Crate 등 부속품 - SATA 6Gb/s 케이블 2개, M.2 SSD용 서멀패드 2개, ASUS Wi-Fi Q-안테나, M.2 SSD용 Q-Latch 1개 등 운영 체제 - 윈도우 11, 윈도우...

2024. 04. 16.

영화 속 그녀들이 사랑했던 거리, 베벌리힐스

인테리어 전문점으로 는 포터리반(Pottery Barn), 크레이트앤배럴(Crate & Barrel) 등이 있다. 특색있는 마켓 구경을 좋아하는 이들이라면 최근 오픈한 고급 마켓 이레원(Erewhon)으로 향하자. 규모는 그리 크지 않지만...

2024. 04. 12.


Petersburg Museum workers open the protective wooden crate of a Venetian marble statue after wintering on the Hermitage Alley of the Catherine Park in front of the Catherine Palace in the...

2024. 04. 11.